Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Abid iqbal

Protocol HD Receivers All Software 2018

Here Protocol HD Receivers All Software 2018, New update software Star Track 2080 DIAMOND HD,8M Protocol  Software,Neosat 550D WIFI HD ,Echolink EL-2016 HD,NEOSAT i5000 HD,Echolink 2020 HD,Neosut 888 HD,Echolink 999 HD,Echolink 777 HD,Echolink 7575 HD,Echolink 8080,Echolink 888HD,STAR TRACK 888 HD,Super Golden Lazer HD888,Neosat 2018 HD,Echolink 2017 HD, Echolink EL 7070 HD,Neosat 550D HD,Star-X X2 WIFI HD.     Protocol HD …

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Watan TV HD Update Frequency 2018

Here Watan TV HD Update Frequency 2018 Biss Key 2018, WATAN TV HD  started its broadcasting February 5 . Watan TV is a Pashto language based channel. It broadcasts from Kabul, Afghanistan. It started its operation in March 17, 2011. It is a satellite television network. It is also functions Radio station 100.80 in Kabul. The main aim of the channel is …

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Update Auto Roll PowerVu HD Receivers Software 2018

Here Update Auto Roll PowerVu HD Receivers Software 2018 On Asiast 7 Sony Network,Ten Sports, Sony Ten 1 , Ten Glof,  Sony Power Vu Key 2018 , Update Key 2018 and Auto Roll PowerVu New Key .ALL ALI3510C CHIP RECEIVER AUTO ROLL POWERVU KEY NEW SOFTWARE, Echolink EL-2016 HD,Echolink 2020 HD RECEIVER,Neosut 888 HD Receiver Auto Roll,     Update Auto Roll …

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Starting Date of Indian Premier League 2018

This time Indian Premier League also known as IPL is going to start in the month of April 2018 and this will be the 11th edition or season of this tournament. The international and national players are going to get heavy salary this time into their bank accounts. All the teams and players are so ready to hit this event …

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HD DVR Guide For TV and PC

Her you will earn about the guide of HD DVR, HD DVR Guide and HD DVR Tv to record in computer and in TV.Watching movies and sports games is a hobby but you can save them by using HD DVR guide for your own TV and PC and can save them in hard drive any time whenever you want to. These …

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Latest News About 3rd Season Of PSL 2018

Here you will know the Latest News About 3rd Season Of PSL 2018, Pakistan Super League 2018, PSL 2018 and PSL 2018 squad. This time we have a new entrant in the 3rd season of PSL 2018 and that is none other than Multan Sultan and in total this season of tournament will have six teams. Two captains and coaches have …

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Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme Update SW Software

Here Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme Update SW Software Full Server Setting Information, SW, Software.Here Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme (HEVC) New Update (Sw) Software , Firmware V 2.10, V V 2.11 ,V 2.12.  Starsat SR-2000 HD Extreme (HEVC) have Processor(Chip): GX6628,16MB (Due To More Channel Capacity)Flash. Single Tuner,Erdatek 3 New generation. A very sensitive lightening is very powerful in capturing the …

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