BBC Package


BBC Package Working On Biss Key Displaying the need for packaging via advancement having a set of the historical past from the twinpot from the natural yogurt market and the plastic material container in water.BBC Technology is market management in Blueberry providing outlines. Our own superior providing technologies, developed more than a long time for our own blueberry. Stuffing along with Providing. BBC Engineering Filling and Providing gear has been made with certain care about speed, coping with.

BBC Package

Frequence : 11495 V 44100

9/10 Intelsat 907 @ 27.5° West DVB-S2/QPSK

Biss Key  : 80 0B 73 FE 55 B4 85 8E







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BBC Package Working On Biss Key At Intelsat 907 @ 27.5° West

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