Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

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How Satellite Transponder And Frequencies Works | Satellite frequency

This article is all about the frequencies and transponders of satellite that we have in our houses. Before we get through this, we must know about the main function of satellite. Satellite is functioning in space and here on earth in many types and forms for example, satellite TV, Weather, Internet, Natural etc. this equipment is an artificial object that …

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All Strong Frequency Of Satellite

C-Asiasat3s 105EAST 4040H26500 C-ASIASAT2 100EAST 3998H28120 KU-NSS6 95E 12532V40690 KU-INSTA3A 93E 10990V27500 KU-YAMAL 90E 10990V2160 C-INSAT 4 83E 3949H3223 C-THAICOM 78E 3960V30000 C-APSTAR 76E 4100H3120 C-LM1 75E 3778H6240 C-PASS 7/10 68E 4160H6510 C-PAKSAT1 4038H2890 KU-HOTBIRD 13E 10873V27500 KU-EUROBIRD 9E 11990V27500 KU-BADR 11800H27500 KU-NILESAT  For More Information Click Here All Strong Frequency Of Satellite Updates here

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