Update Biss Keys All Sports Channel Working Fine

Here All Sports New update Biss Keys (code) All Sports Channel Working Fine here ,Simple Interoperable Scrambling Strategy, usually named BISS, is a satellite sign struggling process invented by the Western Transmitting Union and a consortium of components manufacturers.All Sports Channel Update Biss Keys working here .Portable apparatus to give news flash more than a satellite url utilized by TV NZ headlines reporters.Before its improvement, “advert hoc” or “periodic use” satellite news flash rss feeds have been transported sometimes using proprietary file encryption strategies (e.g. RAS, or PowerVu), or without any file encryption. Unencrypted satellite rss feeds helped anyone with the appropriate devices to look at the program substance.Proprietary file encryption approaches ended up based upon encoder providers, and set important compatibility disadvantages on the kind of satellite receiver (IRD) which can be used in each and every satisfy. Update Biss Keys was an effort to develop an “open up platform” file encryption process, which could supply around an array of producers devices.Fields for joining BISS-keys for an Ericsson RX8200 IRD You can find primarily two unique variations of Update Biss Keys encryption utilized.

Update Biss Keys All Sports Channel Working Fine

Sports Channel Biss Keys


Channel Name : BTV NATIONAL
Frequence : 3690 V 11390
Satellite : Asiasat 7 105’5e
Date : 30/05/2017

BISS KEY : D2 BE 5A EA BC 67 F8 B2


Apstar @76.5E

Freq : 3799 V 4330

Biss Key :- FI ED AE 8C BE CF D5 16

KEY: A1A2 A3E6 B1B2 B316

Bein Sport 2 HD

Bein Sport 3 HD
TP 3700 V 30000
Mpeg4/ Biss
KEY: 85B5 CD07 FB5F 0C66
KEY:6ADE 77BF B8B5 43B8

FREQ:3700 v
30000 MPEG4 BISS
SiD: 0001
Key: D840 93AB 67E4 AEf9

APSTAR7 @76.5E
KEY: 9C BD B3 0C BC 98 9D F1


Satellite :   Paksat @38E
Frequency:4004 v 15555

KEY: F7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB

Satellite         : Asiasat5
Frequency   :4040 h 29718
KEY: 1704607B419737 0F

Gazi Tv 

3807 H 4340

Biss Key :- DE 20 12 1B AF 5A 79 B2

Update Biss Keys All Sports Channel

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